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since its establishment in 2002, xiamen huadian r&d center has expanded to a certain scale after ten years of development. at present, the company has three r&d centers respectively located in xiamen, shanghai and germany, and there are 68 r&d personnel, including 15 personnel with master's degree or above, 30 personnel with bachelor's degree or above, as well as 23 personnel with college degree or above. researchers were all once engaged in product r&d for many years in domestic well-known switchgear industry companies, multinational companies and research institutes, with extensive experience in r&d of medium and high voltage switchgear products.

the r&d center mainly consists of two parts, i.e., technical research and product development. the technical research covers high-voltage insulation technology, vacuum/sf6 breaking technology, operating mechanism technology, intelligent primary and secondary fusion technology, power electronics technology, as well as power system control & protection technology. product development covers high-voltage gis r&d, high-voltage ais r&d, medium-voltage sds product development, medium-voltage product pds development, operating mechanism and other relevant product project groups. besides, r&d center also includes basic functional departments such as trial production group/trial production workshop and technical management.

the r&d center is fully equipped with advanced control and testing equipment, with strong engineering capabilities as well as domestic leading and international advanced r&d level of electrical products.

in addition to independent r&d, the r&d center actively cooperates and exchanges with relevant scientific research institutions at home and abroad on the specific work of project, and maintains cooperation with related foreign companies and institutions in certain technical fields, which greatly improves the level and efficiency of product development. 

the r&d center has complete design & development control procedures and flow charts, improved r&d project management evaluation system, as well as a basically formed r&d technology platform. the r&d software platform includes 3d modeling software solidworks for mechanical design, pdm software (smarteam) for product data management and simulation analysis software ansys for machinery, heat, electromagnetism, etc.

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