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ad560 series of intelligent distribution terminal unit (dtu)

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  • ad560 series of auto distribution terminal unit (dtu) are a new generation of auto dtu independently developed by xiamen huatech switchgear co., ltd. (huatech). it is used to collect, process and analyze the real-time operation data (telemetering and telesignal) of power distribution network, which enables the distribution center to monitor the operation of the power distribution network in real time and to assist relevant personnel in making correct decisions. at the same time, it is allowed to operate some devices of the power distribution network if necessary through remote control in the control center, thereby shorten the troubleshooting time and reducing labor intensity. the dtu cooperates with the master or slave station to realize fault detection, fault isolation and power restoration in non-fault areas. it also has the functions of slave station to realize fast fa processing of regional faults, access to other intelligent devices, and data processing & forwarding. 
  • ad560 series of dtu are specially designed for power distribution network according to national or higher standards, with reference to technical level and development trend at home and abroad. it is featured with high reliability, high flexibility, high security and high cost performance required by power distribution network. 
    (i) powerful and reliable general functions 
    highly integration: the dtu integrates multiple functions such as fault detection, measurement, control, monitoring, communication, wave recording and event recording. 
    hardware configuration: the dtu is equipped with multiple industrial 32-bit high-performance processors (including cpu for measurement and control, cpu for communication and cpu of function panel), large-capacity fpga and high-precision ad chip to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the entire system. 
    high-speed internal bus: 100m ethernet is adopted for communication among the main cpus to ensure real-time data exchange.
    communication function: dedicated communication processor and linux operating system are adopted, with professional communication management function, which is convenient for access of other intelligent devices and uploading of various data. it supports iec60870-5-101, iec60870-5-104, iec61850, cdt, modbus and other relevant protocols. 
    modular plug-in design: there are various functional plug-in boards that are flexible and easy to use, with automatic recognition function, and it is easy to expand different functions and the number of function points. 
    excellent environmental adaptability: from the aspect of design and component model selection, the dtu can work normally and continuously in harsh temperature environment (-40℃ to 85℃) and electromagnetic environment. 
    telecontrol function: a number of anti-misoperation technologies for software and hardware are adopted to ensure the safety and reliability of the control function. 
    complete fault detection function: the dtu can enable such protective functions as three-stage over-current detection and trip, fault information reporting, single shot reclosing, zero current detection, overload alarm, voltage identification, ct break, pt overvoltage and pt break/voltage loss alarm. 
    regular recording of load data: the dut can record current, voltage, power, electricity and other relevant data every 5 to 60min according to user needs, and can save the load data at least one month, without loss when the power is off. 
    intuitive man-machine interaction: the dut is equipped with various status led indicator lights so that the user can easily get the current running status. lcd is also available according to user needs. 
    self-check and exception self-recovery: the dut has the functions of software & hardware real-time self-check, hardware auto identification, software/hardware fault alarm and interlocking function; it is provided with software and hardware watchdog for real-time monitoring of program running status, and it can automatically reset and restart in case of an exception. 
    (ii) feeder automation (fa) function 
    each unit can be used as a slave station to realize fa function in this area.
    each unit has 2 ethernet interfaces to realize distributed fa function (fast fa). 
    the fault detection is conducted as per circuits, including three-stage over-current detection, zero-current detection and fault tripping. in interaction with slave station or master station, automatic functions will be achieved, such as fault detection, fault isolation and power restoration in non-fault areas. 
    it supports manual setting of analog and input quantities, so as to realize online simulation of fault and system fa.
    (iii) intelligent power management function (terminal)
    capable of highly reliable power supply system to provide dual-circuit ac power input, realizing automatic seamless switching of dual-circuit ac power, with such functions as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, fault automatic cut-off and self-recovery.
    monitor the power supply for ac power failure alarm, battery low-voltage alarm, power module failure alarm and battery voltage collection.
    perform battery activation management, for example, periodically, manually and remotely conduct activation management of the battery to prolong battery service endurance. 
    (iv) powerful debugging and maintenance functions 
    have ethernet interface, serial port and wi-fi debugging interface, and realize local and remote program upgrade, setting of set values and parameters, communication point table configuration, fault analysis and other maintenance functions through dedicated configuration software. 
    automatically search the networked devices. 
    realize the setting of set values and parameters for multiple devices through the network, with the functions of uploading, copying, modifying and downloading the parameters of the devices.
    automatically restore to the previous version of the program in case of any exceptions such as power failure of the device in the process of program downloading. 
    realize local and remote configuration and communication debugging of communication interface, communication protocol and communication point table. 
    modify the device name and the telemetering, telesignal and telecontrol names locally and remotely to keep them consistent with the names used on site. 
    realize manual setting of parameters, convenient for debugging and system simulation. 
    monitor the data and status in real time, including analog, input, output, etc. 
    inquire historical data including event, wave recording, load historical data, etc. 
    inquire device information including software and hardware version, clock, panel status, cpu occupancy, etc. 
    save all query data, set values, and parameters in files.
  • telemetering, telesignal and telecontrol of dtu

    relevant technical parameter a


    application scenarios

    dtu is installed in form of cubicle in switching station, switch house and other relevant facilities for feeder circuit of power distribution network.

    installation mode

    independent cubicle

    cubicle size 

    2260mm (h) ×800mm (w) ×600mm (d) 

    cubicle color 

    ral7035 or terminal block 

    ip grade


    dimensions of communication box 

    6u space is reserved in the cubicle. 

    measurement & control capacity 

    a: number of circuits: 12

    b: telemetering: it can collect 2 sets of bus voltage ( two circuits/zero sequence voltage), and 3 current values can be collected each circuit: phases a, b (or zero sequence) and c. 

    c: telesignal: 6 per circuit, including switch closing, switch opening, etc. 

    d: telecontrol: 2 per circuit (opening/closing control) 

    telesignal power supply 

    dc24v/48v self-adaption (terminal equipped with telesignal power supply)

    terminal working power supply 

    ac220v (dual-circuit) 

    backup power mode 

    maintenance-free vrla battery 

    with rated voltage of dc480v, single battery of ≥7ah and service endurance of ≥3 years, the battery can guarantee to complete "open-close-open" operation and maintain operation of the distribution terminal and communication module for at least 4h. 

    supporting power management module 

    a: power management module: long-term stable output: ≥80w, instantaneous output: ≥500w, duration: ≥15s 

    b: communication power output: rated voltage: dc24v, steady-state load capacity: ≥24v/15w, instantaneous output: ≥24v/20w, duration: ≥50ms 

    c: operating voltage output: rated voltage: dc48v, instantaneous output: ≥48v/8a, duration: ≥15s. 


    a: the mean time between failures (mtbf) of the core unit should not be 50,000h. 

    b: the service endurance of the dtu (excluding power supply) is ≥8 years.

    c: the service endurance of the maintenance-free vrla battery is ≥3 years.

product:ad560 series of intelligent distribution terminal unit (dtu)
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