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vec vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit

  • description
  • characteristic
  • parameter
  • vec®vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit is the latest generation of vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit developed by xiamen huadian switchgear co., ltd. the voltage levels cover 7.2kv and 12kv. the complete equipment features high mechanical and electrical service life and good maintenance-free performance and the like. it is suitable for a variety of loads and occasions of frequent operations and widely used in power plants, power grids, petrochemical engineering, metallurgical engineering and other relevant projects.

    • there are a complete series of specifications of vec®vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit, and the products are of international advanced level.
    • vec®vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit is of handcart-type structure of centrally installed switchgear, and its boundary dimensions are exactly the same as those of vep handcart, which is convenient for interchange with the circuit breaker switchgear.
    • vec®vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit is an electromagnetic operating mechanism of modular design, featuring simple and reasonable structure, long mechanical life and simple maintenance. 
    • vec®vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit is equipped with a high-quality vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber. it has the characteristics of low chopping current and strong breaking capacity. therefore, the operating overvoltage is extremely low and the reliability is high.
    • poles of vec®vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit are of unique embedded pole design, which can be used under severe conditions. it can be used with fuses to control and protect motors, capacitors, transformer banks, etc. 
    • vec®vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit can cooperate with microcomputer-based integrated protection relay to realize selective action, which can meet the requirements of remote operation. 
  • name unit

    vacuum contactor

    contactor-fuse combination unit

    rated voltage

    kv 7.2 12 7.2 12

    rated current

    a 400 315 160

    standard lightning impulse withstand voltage 

    kv 60 75 60 75

    rated power frequency withstand voltage

    kv 32 42 32 42

    rated breaking current

    ka 4 4

    rated closing current

    ka 4 4

    max. short-circuit breaking current 


    50 50

    max. short-circuit closing current (peak)


    130 130

    rated frequency

    hz 50

    rated short-time withstand current (4s)

    ka 4

    operation frequency



    300 (mechanical retention), 900 (electric retention) 

    mechanical life


    300,000 (mechanical retention), 1 million (electric retention) 

    operating voltage

    v dc110v.dc 220v ,ac110v.ac220v

product:vec vacuum contactor-fuse combination unit
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