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gim gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear

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  • gim® medium-voltage gas-insulated switchgear is medium-voltage gas-insulated switchgear with double gas boxes as developed by xiamen huadian switchgear co., ltd. the gas box is made of 3mm-thick stainless steel plate and laser welded by a magnetic levitation drive robot. it is equipped with a high-performance vacuum circuit breaker. the whole cabinet features high reliability and is maintenance-free and miniaturized, and is widely used in electric power industry, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, rail transportation and other relevant fields.
    • gim®switchgear is equipped with a reliable vacuum circuit breaker and a five-prevention interlocking device with reliable performance.

    • the operating mechanism of gim switchgear circuit breaker and disconnecting switch is outside the gas box, which ensures the convenience of maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as the safe and reliable operation of the switchgear. 

    • the gas box of gim®switchgear is made of 3mm-thick stainless steel plate and laser welded by magnetic levitation drive robot, which ensures the air tightness of the gas box. 

    • each gas box of gim®switchgear is provided with an independent pressure release device to prevent accidental rise of internal air pressure to hurt the operator. 

    • gim®switchgear adopts rotary three-position disconnecting switch, and there is a reliable mechanical interlock between it and the circuit breaker to avoid misoperation by the operator. 

    • gim®switchgear is not affected by the surrounding environment and is suitable for harsh environment. 

    • gim®switchgear is of compact structure and occupies a small area, and it is suitable for areas short of land resources. 

  • item unit data

    rated voltage

    kv 40.5

    1min power frequency withstand voltage

    phase to earth and phase to phase

    kv 95

     across the open swiching device


    rated lightning impulse voltage

    phase to earth and phase to phase

    kv 185

     across the open swiching device


    rated frequency

    hz 50

    rated current

    a 630~2500

    rated short-circuit breaking current

    ka 25 31.5

    rated short-circuit closing current (peak)

    ka 63 80

    rated short-time withstand current/time 

    ka/s 25/4 31.5/4

    rated peak withstand current

    ka 63 80

    rated operation sequence


    rated inflation pressure (abs, 20℃) 

    mpa 0.13

    alarm pressure (abs, 20℃)

    mpa 0.12

    min. working pressure (abs, 20℃) 

    mpa 0.11

    annual gas leakage rate

    %/y <0.1

    protection level

    high-voltage components 


    low-voltage components


    rated voltage of auxiliary circuit

    v dc/ac 110/220

    rated 1min power frequency withstand voltage of auxiliary circuit 

    kv 2

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