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ams medium voltage metal-clad switchgear

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  • ams® indoor ac metal-enclosed switchgear is centrally installed medium-voltage switchgear developed by xiamen huadian switchgear co., ltd. under the leadership of senior sino-german switchgear experts. the product is of international advanced level and has passed a full set of type tests in china national center for quality supervision and test of high-voltage electrical apparatus and german iph test station.
    the voltage levels of ams®centrally installed medium-voltage switchgear cover 12kv, 24kv and 40.5kv.the full series of ams®switchgear adopts a draw-out structure and a centrally installed design is spliced with aluminum-clad core plates after double bending and provided with a complete mechanical interlocking device to protect the operator to the utmost extent.
    xiamen huadian switchgear co., ltd. and the sino-german switchgear experts developed the intelligent centrally installed medium-voltage switchgear in order to meet the new requirements of users. this product incorporates advanced design concepts and adopts the latest sensing and computer technology. not only can it realize all the functions of conventional switchgear, but also it can realize the online detection of the operating status of the switchgear and the circuit breaker, so that the users can understand the equipment's health status in real time and find early potential equipment failures, which fully meets users' needs for the maintenance of switchgear and circuit breakers, thus significantly improving power supply reliability and effectively saving equipment maintenance costs.

    • ams®switchgear is a set of miniaturized armored air-insulated switchgear that can effectively save space.
    • ams®switchgear is designed to be centrally installed, equipped with vep indoor medium-voltage embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker.
    • ams®switchgear is provided with enough space for cable connection.
    • ams®switchgear is equipped with a fast closing grounding switch with short-circuit closing capability.
    • the circuit breaker and grounding switch in the ams®switchgear are equipped with electric operating mechanisms, so that the substation can be unattended. the electric operating mechanism has a motor mechanical overload protection function as well as extended functions such as manual priority, door closing interlock and the like, which can realize stable and reliable operation. 
    • ams®switchgear can realize programmatic control, which can switch among power outage, power transmission, maintenance and standby state, which improves reliability and operation efficiency;
    • ams®switchgear can be equipped with a wireless passive temperature sensor to realize the online monitoring of the temperature rise of incoming and outgoing busesof switchgear.
    • ams®switchgear can be equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to realize the online monitoring of the temperature and humidity of switchgear.
    • ams®switchgear can be equipped with arc protection function to quickly isolate faults, save the lives of operator and ensure the safety of equipment.
  • name unit  data
    rated voltage  kv 12 24 40.5
    rated insulation level  short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage(1min)
    phase to earth,phase to phase  42 50/65** 95
    across the open swiching device 48 60/79** 118
    lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak)
    phase to earth,phase to phase 75 125 185
    across the open swiching device  85 145 215
    rated current  a 630 630 1250 1250 630 1250 630 1250
    1250 1250 1600 1600 1250 1600 1250 1600

    2000 2000

    2500 2500

    3150 3150



    rated short-time withstand current(4s) ka 25 31.5 40 50 25 31.5 40 25 31.5
    rated peak withstand current ka 63 80 100 125 125 150 63 80 100 63 80
    rated short-circuit breaking current ka 25 31.5 40 50 25 31.5 40 25 31.5
    rated short-circuit closing current(peak)  ka 63 80 100 125 125 150 63 80 100 63 80
    rated frequency hz 50
    rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage of auxiliary and control circuit(1min) kv 2
    rated vlotage of opening and closing device and auxiliary circuit v dc110、220 / ac110、220
    note:*is the corresponding data of forced air cooling;and**the values of 50 and 60 are subject to iec 62271-200:2011

product:ams medium voltage metal-clad switchgear
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