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ap910 arc protection system

  • description
  • characteristic
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  • with advanced visual plc logic programming design and software and hardware modular design, ap910 arc protection device integrates the two-criteria functions, that is, arc detection and current detection. it can accurately detect arc incidents by detecting arc and fault current, and send relay signals within a very short period of time to cut off the faulty circuit, so as to provide fast and reliable protection for medium and low voltage buses of 110kv and below in the fields of electricity, petrochemicals, coal, metallurgy, real estate, water conservancy, commerce and municipal works.

    • functional platform modularization
    • multi-cpu structure based on high-performance microprocessor of powpc fpga system.
    • 16-bit a/d 40-point high-precision sampling, strong harmonic processing capability;
    • the integrated design of the device has stronger functions and can realize higher debugging and maintenance efficiency. 
    • the modular design of the protection function makes the application more flexible, faster and more reliable. 
    • fast and reliable action outlet
    • current and arc detection criteria are adopted, with reliable principle. 
    • the device can track the ambient background light at the monitoring position of arc sensor in real time for self-adaption to the light intensity under different monitoring environment background lights. 
    • friendly man-machine interface 
    • large-screen lcd has flexible configuration and chinese interface, enabling easy operation. 
    • eight sets of setting areas are preset, enabling flexible operation and easy man-machine interaction. 
    • the man-machine interface is refreshed in real time, with rich contents.
    • detailed event storage 
    • a bulk-storage memory is available for storing dozens of event records.
    • with the aids of powerful pc support tool and complete and flexible analysis software, it is easier to make incident analysis. 
    • events are stored in the flash and will not be lost after power off.
    • accurate time synchronization system
    • a variety of time synchronization systems are allocated to meet the requirements of diverse unified clock sources in the whole station 
    • the time synchronization is accurate to millisecond.
    • the clock system is independent and keeps running in case of power off.
    • complete self-check
    • the input and output plug-ins realize a complete self-check to detect each arc input and relay coil. 
    • plug-ins are not to be inserted into each other in the structural design, which improves the integral security. 
    • protection malfunction is prevented in case of any damage to key components. 
    • scientific and reasonable structure 
    • rear pluggable wiring mode is adopted to completely isolate strong current from weak current. 
    • the whole panel is designed as completely enclosed for high protection grade. 
    • intelligent plug-in solution based on canbus greatly reduces indirect wiring between plug-ins and ensures high reliability. 
    • standard and flexible communication interface 
    • dual ethernet interfaces, meeting the demand of dual-network redundant operation.
    • rs232/rs485 standard communication interface 
    • dl/t667-1999 (iec 60870-5-103) and dl/t667-1999 (iec 60870-5-101) protocols.
    • test reports 
    • test report of arcing (arc protection) in switchgear
    • emc lab report and type test report
  • name data





    telesignal resolution 


    irig-b time synchronization




    ac current 

    0~20ln error<±2.5% 

    arc detection

    8000lx~42000lx error<±0.2% 

    time element

    no more than ±40ms within 0 to 2s (inclusive), or no more than ±2% of the setting value within 2s~100s 

    protective power circuit 

    during normal operation, ≤20w;

    in protective action, ≤40w 

    ac current circuit 

    each phase ≤1va if ln=5a; 

    each phase ≤0.5va if ln=1a; 

    rated voltage


    allowable deviation 15%, -20% 

    rated ac current 

    5a or 1a

    thermal stability of ac current circuit 

    long-term operation: 2ln 

    10s 20ln

    1s 40ln

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