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gfm 126/145kv gas insulated metal-clad switchgear

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  • sf6 gas insulated metal-clad switchgear (gis) is produced based upon sf6 generator circuit breaker (gcb). the circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, earthing switch, current transformer, voltage transformer, surge arrester, connecting bus and the like are enclosed by gis in metal enclosure. moreover, sf6 gas, which is of excellent arc-extinguishing and insulation properties, is used as insulation between phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth. a variety of connecting sleeves or cable connecting terminals are also integrated in the switchgear, so the devices are assembled in very limited space and kept it from the influence of external environment, leading to high tolerance to the environment. the switchgear enables safe and reliable operation and less maintenance. compared with the traditional ais substation, gis substation covers an area of only about 10% of that occupied by the ais substation. therefore, gis has been widely accepted by users in various industries since its emergence.
    gfm®-126/145 sf6 gas insulated metal-clad switchgear is widely used in power grid, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and steel industry, data center, airport, paper-making industry, subway, and other relevant industries. 
    • with compact design, three phases are encapsulated in an individual metal enclosure, and the minimum width may be 0.8m;
    • all enclosures are made of aluminum alloy, leading to less eddy current loss, strong rust resistance and light weight, and making the components assembled in very limited space to reduce load and cost of civil structure;
    • the circuit breaker is equipped with self-energy dual interrupters and excellent operating mechanism, greatly improving its reliability and stability;
    • disconnecting switch/earthing switch adopt three-position combined switch, enabling better mechanical interlock to prevent misoperation;  
    • the earth electrode of the earthing switch is insulated from the enclosure, which is convenient for circuit resistance measurement and other site tests;
    • the entire enclosure is installed, commissioned, tested before delivery and transported in the workshop, so as not to be re-assembled on site after transportation, which greatly shortens on-site installation time, avoids installation risk, reduces installation cost, and lowers the possibility of installation accident;
    • with modular design, three-layer layout and flexible engineering design can meet the needs for wiring and layout in various substations;
    • expansion coupling is set between enclosures to facilitate extension or repair, which greatly shortens the outage duration or even does not require power outage of the whole substation during the extension;
    • the switchgear is featured by high reliability, superior quality, safer operation, and maintenance-free period for 20 years; 
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    rated voltage

    kv 126/145

    rated current

    a 2500/3150

    power frequency withstand voltage

    kv 230/275

    lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)

    ka 550/650

    rated short-circuit breaking current

    ka 40

    rated short-circuit making current (peak)

    ka 100

    rated peak withstand current

    ka 100

    4s short-time withstand current 

    ka 40

    rated operation sequence


    breaking operations under rated short circuit breaking current



    mechanical endurance



    rated voltage of stored energy motor

    v dc:110/220 ac:220

    rated operating voltage 

    opening coil

    v dc:110/220 ac:220

    closing coil

    dc:110/220 ac:220


    kg ≤3000
product:gfm 126/145kv gas insulated metal-clad switchgear
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