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huatech cooperate with qilu petrochemical to create new digital solutions


at present and in the coming period, china's development is still in an important strategic opportunity period, but there are new developments in both opportunities and challenges. in response to the major overhaul of qilu petrochemical, huatech has joined hands with qilu petrochemical's shengli refinery to start the emergency overhaul of the medium pressure reforming project, and to carry out a new generation of intelligent upgrades to the medium pressure reforming distribution room to ensure complete power supply conditions before the end of the overhaul.

photo source: qilu petrochemical official website

qilu petrochemical, a subsidiary of sinopec group corporation, is located in zibo city, shandong province, covering an area of 16.65 square kilometers. the company was founded in 1966, and after 54 years of construction, it has developed into a large oil refining, chemical and chemical fiber joint venture integrating petroleum processing, petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas chemical and salt chemical with complete support.

during the uninterrupted production operation of the refinery, the huge energy consumption may lead to the condensation scrapping of the boiler and the serious decline of the product quality of the whole batch, so a safe and stable power supply is especially important. xiamen huatech is a high-quality and reliable supplier of sinopec group, and has provided many high-voltage electrical equipment for sinopec group for many years. this time, we provided the latest generation of ams medium voltage metal-clad switchgear intelligent solutions for qilu petrochemical.

ams medium voltage metal-clad switchgear intelligent solution is based on ams products, through intelligent circuit breaker built-in sensors to obtain mechanical characteristics data of vacuum circuit breakers, wireless communication to collect temperature data of important parts of the cabinet, the use of high-definition wide-angle camera to monitor the working status of circuit breakers and grounding switches in the cabinet, comprehensive perception of the information of the switchgear cabinet, to achieve the transparency of the switchgear cabinet. by using iot technology, edge computing technology and communication technology, it realizes the "self-awareness" of the health condition of the switchgear and the remote visualization of the fully electric operation function.

together with the ieds intelligent switchgear expert diagnosis system developed by our company, it can realize intelligent online monitoring of switchgear status, comprehensive evaluation of switchgear health, troubleshooting hidden problems of equipment, and reducing the number of preventive tests and periodic overhauls. after a switch failure, it can accurately locate the fault, quickly analyze the cause of the fault, and provide an intuitive visual data report to speed up troubleshooting and reduce economic losses.

reducing unplanned outages by 60% with pre-operational maintenance fromtraditional reactive maintenance to active predictive, condition-based maintenance.
②focusing on vep manufacturing for 20 years, massive database with edge computing for more confident diagnosis.
③unique measurement and control separation, rejecting misoperation.
high return on low investment, reducing o&m costs by 50%.

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