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2021 greenhouse gas emission information public announcement of xiamen huadian switchgear co., ltd.


greenhouse gas emissions information disclosure

the greenhouse gas emission information of xiamen huadian switchgear co., ltd. in 2021 is publicized as follows:

report preparation unit tongbiao standard technical service co. xiamen branch
preparation time 2022.3.9
report coverage period
january 1, 2021 to december 31, 2021

greenhouse gas emission data

direct ghg emissions (automotive oil, wd-40 dehumidifying and antirust lubricant, domestic wastewater): 54.6683 tons of co2e.
indirect greenhouse gas emissions (purchased electricity, commuting, travel, waste, etc.).
4652.1368 tons of co2e.
total: 4706.8051 tons of co2e
greenhouse gas reduction commitment
the earth's climate and environment are gradually deteriorating due to the impact of greenhouse gases. as a citizen of the earth, in response to the international norms of the united nations framework convention on climate change and the paris climate agreement, and in order to fulfill our corporate responsibility to protect the earth and the environment, we are committed to conducting greenhouse gas emission inventories and further promoting greenhouse gas reduction plans based on the results of these inventories. to this end, we promise to:
1. commit to the greenhouse gas inventory of xiamen huadian switchgear co. ltd.
2. based on the results of the inventory, we will further implement the voluntary greenhouse gas reduction plan.
3. implement pollution prevention and comply with government environmental regulations, customer requirements and other relevant regulations.
4. continuously promote and support energy-saving and carbon-reduction measures, sustainable management and corporate responsibility.
abatement measures
rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station project;
building an intelligent substation management platform;
establishing energy management system.

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