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   companhia de electricidade de macau - cem, s.a. (cem) is a public utility company with the sole concession to transmit, distribute and sell high, medium and low-voltage electricity in macau. cem also owns power generation facilities.

the macau electricity transmission network comprises 26 primary substations, 8 customer high-voltage switching stations and a total length of 1,007.7 kilometres of 66kv, 110kv  and 220kv high-voltage cables. the macau electricity network is connected with china southern power grid via two 110kv cables and two 220kv cables. the two 110kv cables are connected to gongbei substation and nanping substation, while the two 220kv cables are connected to zhuhai substations and qinyun substation.

huatech has supplied the 11kv & 24kv ams switchgear to the cem for the metro substation. we have specially designed this project for the strict technical requirements and complex operating environment. the product has been running well so far.

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