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after the “nanlong railway” served by xiamen huadian switchgear co., ltd. was successfully opened to traffic, it further improved the layout of the fujian road network and the railway traffic conditions in northwestern fujian. the major cities in fujian province formed an integrated living circle, which became an important link between the underdeveloped mountainregion and the coastal economically developed regions.

"nanlong railway", as the national mid-to-long term railway network planning, is the important part of the hangzhou-guangzhou high-speed railway passage. it will form the most convenient fast passage from the "yangtze river delta" through the economic zone on the west side of the straits to the "pearl river delta". the nanlong railway will form a "two vertical and three horizontal" fast railway network in fujian province. motor vehicles can be used to travel between cities in various regions. the major cities in the province will form an "integrated" living circle.

xiamen huadian switchgear co., ltd. provides "nanlong railway" with excellent performance and strong weather resistance enerswit 12kv fully enclosed sf6 gas insulated ring network cabinet. in order to solve the geographical problem of steep, humid and deep water along the nanlong railway. enerswit products adopt a fully-sealed structure, which encloses all high-voltage primary charged components in a high-strength stainless steel gas box filled with sf6 gas. at the same time maintain a reliable pressure relief valve device to ensure that when an arc fault occurs inside the gas tank, the device will quickly release the fault gas quickly to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

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